regulus theme won’t show custom header image

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    I’d like to use a 730×140 jpg image as the header to my blog, but all I get is an empty white space. There is no preview of the image on the settings page: the preview box says “invalid”, but I don’t know why.



    I’d appreciate any help you can provide.


    I see the header on your blog.



    Alright, then, I’ll chalk that one up to running Bon Echo Alpha 3. I can see the header as well, in the hated bug-conduit that is IE. Thanks for replying. :)


    No problem



    I’m trying to figure out what the image is of.



    [I’m so *coughing* jealous I could scratch your eyes right out. I am sooo very green with envy that I could slither right off my computer chair onto the floor and shape shift into a prostrate woman on her belly pounding both fists over her head while shreiking in frustration.]

    You my dear catena have a header of your own choosing [no matter that I can’t make heads or tails of it]. You chose it the regulus program accepted you code as valid. It must be nice [she spat].

    You have no idea how many times and in how many ways I have tried to provide the correct *coughing” code to make a header of my choice appear on the top of my blog without success. I feel like a failure [and that makes me alternate between feeling *witchy* and wanting to bawl like a baby].

    I currently have photographic headers on my own computer of exactly the correct 730 pixels x 140 pixels dimensions. They are saved in a posted entieled “images draft” at

    I have received instruction from two, not one, but two geeks. I have even thrown myself at the feet of the theme designer. Up to now I have been too ashamed to admit my inability to comprehend what’s wrong with the code but here I am shamelessly blurting it out.

    These are the codes between back ticks. So you tell me what’s wrong with them?

    ‘<img src=”” alt=”mistymorningheader” />’

    ‘<img src=”” alt=”forestskyline” />’

    ‘<img src=”” alt=”tealforest” />’



    TT take the spaces out of the title of the first one and re-upload it.

    On all three drop the JPG extension to lower case and re-upload them.

    When you’re putting the code into the appropriate box, just put the URL. The bit that starts http:// and lose all the code and quotes around it. See how that goes.




    YES![she shouted] Yes!
    It worked! OMG I’m so *coughing* happy – I’m over the moon. And I know exactly what kind of a header would be the perfect header for me – a coyote jumping over the moon.
    Thank you – thank you – thank you – XXXOOO



    But I see no header TT



    dennis – I have more than one blog. If you click on my name you arrive at my political blog htt:// There you will find a blix theme “stolen moments of island time”.

    If however you type into your web browser you will arrive at a different blog. The header that is currently being displayed on bloggersblurt is birch trees.

    If you are at and don’t see the birch trees header then you could have “browser issues”. Firefox browsers are a free download off the web. They beat the backside off of IE browsers. In fact I haven’t even used my IE for so long I can’t remember how long. I can see my header with my “fox”.

    I can now change headers as frequently as I change clothes. I truly am over the moon!!!



    beatyful header TT
    And what forefox. HAHA I used allrady. The last time i started IE when I installed XP again after the time before the last time (don’t know how you called it) I started IE. On that day my computer crached. I had a stranger on my computer and didn’t started firefox, but IE. All the things what I had on the computer where gone by I stupid virus. I found out the virus and it only works whit IE.

    So don’t talk to me at microsoft, wrong browser (maybe the new one is better), wrong mail pregrams, wrong rules,only the office parts I use a lot. And love them whit respect. :D

    I like to make a turn around to use linux or mac, but I’m afraid that some things won’t work. And seconly I’m not the only user at this computer.

    I’ve watch your blog and…
    liked it so I put an rss feed to my blog to keep updated :D
    -end edit-



    My header is an excerpt from a diagram by Charles Babbage. It describes the units for certain results calculated by the second Difference Engine.

    When I went to college for computer engineering, we had to do the same thing: construct an adder with carries from logic gates, and implement it in the lab and in a VLSI designer.

    I use it for my software tools blog because to me it represents the lowest levels of computer programming: assigning meaning to the bare result of controlled physical action. No-one thinks of it, because there are many layers of software sitting on top of it that provide a much better interface.



    Catena – Thanks for sharing that truly facinating information. Your header was a total puzzle to me. (As you can tell I’m as far as they come from geekdom.) I’m simply delighted that I can do this one small thing and I’m betting that this probably makes you smile. Best regards. tt

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