Reimport from Export File seems fragile

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    In an attempt to eliminate problems with XML formatting of a posts-only import file, I created a self-hosted WordPress blog, manipulated all the content on the SQL side, and then exported the posts via XML. Then, I did an export from the site, added the <item></item> content from the self-hosted export to the export file, and am trying to reimport that file.

    Occasionally, it seems to work, but it’s highly fragile and seems depending on the phase of the moon or some other unseen factor. In each case, I’ve made sure to assign authors, confirmed that the syntax is correct in the XML file, and so on.

    Making this more confusing is that the first time I tried it, everything worked, but I had a couple of thousand duplicate entries, so I deleted all the posts and attempted it again. Sadly, that import failed.

    On a whim, I restored a single file that I had deleted from a previous import, and then tried re-importing the file. This WORKED! Unfortunately, I got greedy and tried to delete that single file before the import was complete, and so everything just hung after 98 posts.

    Now, it seems everything I’ve tried just fails… silently.

    I’m fully expecting that there’s some operator error going on here, but I’m at a loss what to try next.


    The blog I need help with is


    I fixed it myself. I had to remove the 4000+ deleted articles from the trash. – Tim

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