Reinstall wordpress without loosing content

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    I have a problem with one of the plugins and I guess that this forum is not offering support for plugins so, this is why I am asking for wp support and I think that the problem might be from wordpress

    Here is the problem :

    I have the plugin called “WordPress Premium Content” from jigowatt. I have bought the plugin and I have posted this problem like 2 weeks ago. But no answer to my ticket. The plugin can make an standard article into a premium.

    In the “Premium Content” box, when I try to switch from NO to YES (see image ), after I click the Update or Publish button, it wont stay on Yes, but it will switch back to NO.
    First, I have thought that it might be a problem on the plugin, but until now it worked, so … i guess that its nothing wrong with the plugin.

    I have disabled all other plugins, and nothing, the problem persists. I have installed the plugin on another website and it worked. So, I guess that it might be because of wordpress ( I am using the 3.5.2 version)

    Here is my ON Topic question :

    I would like to know how can I reinstall the wordpress without loosing any content (comments, pages, articles, etc). I have found an answer here :

    But since I am not very efficient at this kind of stuffs, can you please tell me “How to…” in a step-by-step way ? And I would also like to know how to make a backup for wordpress and for the database

    Thank you :)



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    Sorry, I guess that its the wrong forum and I should post it on forums

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