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Reinstating a suspended account

  1. Hello WordPress Forum,

    I have searched other threads in the forum and have not found one that addresses my specific question. Hence this post.

    This morning I discovered, to my chagrin, that my account has been suspended. Upon recovering from my heart attack, I tried to troubleshoot the matter. First off, I understand that this forum cannot help with reinstatement and I have sent the WordPress support site the appropriate request (both on line and via email).

    My two questions for the Forum is at the bottom of the message, but here is the brief background:

    My blog is:

    I have purchased the domain name - - and am currently having it point to my blog.

    I have created this account in my name (no blog attached to it) in order to be able to access this Forum.

    I looked at some cached pages in an effort to figure it out. After giving the matter some thought, I can only come up with the following reasons:

    1. One or more of the widgets in the sidebar is not acceptable. I have a number of widgets in an effort to have my blog listed in several blogging catalogues. I do not have any widgets that have adsense or anything similar and I do not advertise a product. There is one widget - BlogUpp - that is bigger than the rest and looks like an ad but is just (I believe) a larger widget and still like Blog Catologue, etc.

    2. I recently started putting Get Social Live bookmarks at the bottom of my posts to encourage people to Digg or Stumble, etc. Could this be a problem?

    3. A picture with copyright is on the blog. I check my pictures for copywright or creative commons licences and post those that either have no copywright or old ones that say the copywright has expired. Alternatively, I seek permission from the photographer and post a credit back. Perhaps I have erred with respect to a photo?

    4. Link backs and Track backs are sent to my spam filter. I mark these as not spam and then post them. Perhaps this is wrong?

    5. I have recently received some large spam messages which I promptly deleted. Could this have something to do with it?

    Rest assured that I take my blogging responsibility seriously and want to adhere to WordPress's rules. I am happy to work with you to correct anything that is out of place and hope to hear from you soon so that we can target the problem and remedy it.

    Here are my questions:

    1. For a brief period of time this morning I had access to a limited version of my mannerofspeaking dashboard. I cannot seem to reacces it. Any ideas?

    2. Am I correct that if the error (whatever it is) is not egregious and can be fixed (e.g, delete a widget, etc.) that my content will still be available and the blog can be reinstated?

    Many thanks for your help. I appreciate very much the fact that you respond to these posts on a voluntary basis.


    John Zimmer

  2. Sorry there is nothing the volunteers can do or will do to help you with this matter if your blog was suspended then you should of received a message on your dashboard with a contact link to contact staff. I suggest using the link to get a hold of them if you don’t see such link then you can use this link to get a hold of staff.

    Also please reframe from posting any future threads pertaining to blog suspensions.

  3. Thank you t3ck. I understand that this getting the blog back is something beyond what the volunteers can or will do. As I stated, I was looking for advice as to how to get back to the limited version of my dashboard so that I could try to work out the problem from there.


  4. Your welcome
    Those 2 questions that you posted above are best answered by staff so please direct those questions towards staff.


  5. If the error is fixed and staff don't think you'll do it again, yes, they usually reinstate the blog. I'm not staff but nothing you've said above seems suspensionable. Sometimes they do make mistakes. Contact them and be very specific with URLs etc as to which blog you're talking about. And put in a link to this thread.

  6. mannerofspeaking

    t3ck and raincoaster,

    Thanks for the comments. Good news: I got a nice message from WP apologizing for the mix-up - they are not sure what happened - and putting the blog back the way it was. A little bit of a scare but in the grand scheme of things it worked out well. And it gave me some material for a blog post and a chance to tout WP's quick response time.



  7. Congrats!

  8. Congrats glad to hear a happy out come with this matter. = )

  9. Goof for you! I had a similar mistake made awhile back and Staff rectified it very quickly too.

  10. arrghh! I meant "good" of course - sorry :(

  11. mannerofspeaking

    No problem, timethief. I good up all the time too. (I mean "goof".)

  12. lol ... :D Thanks mannerofspeaking and best wishes with your blog.

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