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Related Articles missing

  1. On another blog that I read, the user has a section for related articles. I've asked him about them, and they are supposed to be a feature. I went to where he said to go, bottom right in a new or edited post. It isn't there. I checked the screen layout and clicked every single box, still nothing.

    Where do I get this 'related articles' feature?

  2. That should say 'screen options', not 'screen layout'.

  3. I believe you are referring to Zemanta. Note that Zemanta only operates when you use the Visual editor and not the HTML editor.

    If not then you are referring to "possibly related posts" which can be enabled here > Appearance > Extras

  4. Zemanta was it, I had to go enable it. Thanks.

  5. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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