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  1. I posted a blog last month and just noticed this morning that someone else's WP site is now listed under my blog with their URL showing under a heading: Related Articles.

    I didn't do this so wondered how it happened? Don't I approve something like this? Also, I went to their site and noticed they did not show my URL but quite a few others. I would assume they would post my site since they placed their website on my blog - doesn't it work that way?

    Am happy someone is looking at my blog, but was surprised that their link is added. Please explain, and advise how I can add my URL to someone else's blog if appropriate.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's probably coming from Zemanta for Recommended Links, Photos, Articles

    We bloggers are publishers. The content we publish is public if it's in a public blog. Anyone can link to it in their blog posts and/or pages and in their blogrolls if they wish. We have no say in this at all.

  3. This could also be a case of reblogging or the use of Press This. But as you have not provided links to your content (post) and to the post on the other site of which you speak we cannot verify that.

  4. Got it - makes sense now - thanks for the info!

  5. You're welcome. :)

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