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    Ok I want something at the end of each message, something like this

    Other articles <this is underlined and bold

    Brocks nose
    Brocks toes
    why me

    so I want something like that
    but I want the things under other articles to be link and I want the links to be randomized from like a master list of articles.

    I was doing this the hard way before, and by hardway I mean going around my blog and collecting the article names and pasting them in, but I’ve gotten to the point where I have a fairly large amount of articles and would prefer one that just did it automatically without me doing anything.

    Its probably not possible or not possible with wordress ior someting but if it is would somebody please let me know asap????

    Thanks all have a great day



    Do you have a free hosted blog?
    If so please post the url for it and then we will try to understand what you are saying.


    I know what you mean, and I do the something similar on my site.

    Unfortunately, you have to do it manually. There’s an automated way of doing it on blogs, I think.



    Ahhh … now I understand what you mean. I do this at the end of my own posts and it takes a few minutes. This feature was being considered here

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