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    One of my blogs doesn’t have the Related Post options in the Settings menu. I went to the Dashboard > Settings > Reading Settings. It shows all other menu my other blogs have, but this one doesn’t have the Related Post in the menu. The blog I am referring to is

    I appreciate any help as to what work around we do to resolve this. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Your blog must have at least 10 published posts for related content to appear (to avoid simply cross-linking posts with one another).



    Thanks for the reply, timethief. I published 10 post just to check if the Related Post options would appear in the Settings but it didn’t. Also, when I created a different blog (, the Related Post option is showing on it’s Settings page.

    It appears like there’s no problem for newly created blogs. I wonder if it is because I created this blog last 2011 and that the Related Post feature wasn’t available yet at that time. I could have just create a new wordpress blog; however, I really want to keep this domain (




    I’m using Twenty Eleven and I have 3 related posts displaying. This is what I see at > Settings > Reading

    Related posts
    _ Hide related content after posts
    _ Show related content after posts
    _ Show a “Related” header to more clearly separate the related section from posts
    _ Use a large and visually striking layout

    Would you like to try temporarily switching to Twenty Fourteen and then waiting 5 minutes and switching back? It sounds odd I know but it sometimes works.



    Also you refer to but there are no published posts and it’s not wearing Twenty Eleven.
    front page error message:

    Nothing Found
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

    By default the front page of the blog is the only page that will display all published posts on it. As soon as you publish a post not a page the error message will be gone.

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