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Related posts?

  1. Why is there a little section called 'related posts' at the tail end of my last blog post and how can I remove the feature? Neither of the 'related posts' are at all related, and I don't care for it being on my blog.

    The address is


  2. It's a new feature. It was announced here. You should have a link to that announcement on your dashboard. If you (as many others) don't like the feature, you can turn it off by going to design-extras and clicking the box to disable the feature.

    There are quite a few other threads on this issue and the sum total is that if you don't like it, you have to turn it off in your own blog.

  3. I cannot get this new feature to work. I don"t have the feature disables in the "extras" in the dashboard.
    Does it not work for older posts?

    I would really like this feature to reach similar blogs.

    Anybody else having trouble? know why its not working?

  4. i don't care either, here's how you can get it off:

    1. go to your dashboard.

    2. go to design.

    3. go to extras.

    4. check the box: hide related links

    5. update the extras

    they are now off! hope this helps!!!

  5. Sorry i should have proof read what I wrote:

    I actually want the "possibly Related posts"

    I cant get them to show up

  6. If they aren't showing up, then there aren't any related posts.

  7. no related posts? what is the criteria for "related"?. The Tags and categories I use are certainly used by others..

  8. It's definitely not tag/cat related. I'm thinking it's related to the new blogsearch feature, which appears to be vocabulary-based. I posted an interview with a John Lennon chatbot, and all the related links used the word "mate."

  9. I saw on one blog the related content was a link back to another post on the same blog.

    I havent seen a "related context link lead to a non blog, yet.

    I was checking out sphere and they really don't give away how the work.
    what you say makes sense, they mentioned "text based" .

    For an esoteric blog like mine, this feature could be a real nice thing. I just have to figure out how to use it.

  10. The links will NEVER lead off If they appear to, it's because they link to a VIP blog and they're styled so you can't tell. Links to one's own blog are supposed to appear at the top in bold. It looks like there is no extra weighting for your own blog, so your blog has the same chance of being linked from a post as any other blog, even if it's a post you made.

  11. Worst feature ever in my opinion. Thanks for the help in how to disable it.

  12. Yeah - I have to say this feature sux0rz

  13. I actually like the feature, though I'm not sure I agree that it restricts "related posts" to the WP community (or self made VIP blogs). The reason I say this is that my most recent entry contains 3 "related posts" that all go back to the NY Times. Unless the NY Times joined WP, that is.

    Cool feature though - especially for someone like me with a niche topic.

    John Lennon chatbot? I've got to try me some of that! : )

  14. Related posts use for the backend.

    Sphere analyzes blog posts, and decides which ones are related.

    I'm not sure that the links at the end are necessarily VIP blogs. They may just be "mainstream media news blogs".

    I'm not sure if those mainstream media blogs are paying Sphere for the links or not, but I've heard that mentioned by other people.

  15. Hi all - very active conversation - :)

    The goal of the new feature is to create opportunities for readers to discover more content that is related to what you're writing about. We've included content from your archives, from other blogs and for Mainstream Media sites (MSM). MSM's are not paying Sphere, nor WordPress for the links.

    Like any technology, we're making lots (and lots) of tweaks on the fly to get the filters properly tuned. While subjective, we've been successful in making these tweaks on a large number of partner sites ( so I'm hopeful (with a little patience and goodwill), we'll make improvements as we go along. In the meantime, you're input is really critical for us to make those improvements, so please keep sending.


  16. Still trying to evaluate whether it is good for me or not. One thing that I think would be great would be that IF someone clicks on it that it OPENS in NEW window... thereby preserving our site still active.

  17. fredrrr, that's an excellent suggestion.

    As for me, I want all VIP blogs and external to blogs eliminated from the service, because none of them use this feature and could ever conceivably return (via the same feature) the hits that we, the community, are giving them. Until that tweak is made, I will be keeping this turned off. If the New York Times wants hits from me, they can hire me to blog or pay me in traffic.

  18. lettershometoyou

    But rain.. think of the hits you'll be giving up. Those lovely, juicy hits... :-)

  19. All three of them? Look, if the Guardian's not too big to link to me directly, the Times shouldn't be either.

  20. Besides, I have a long and successful track record of whining about things publicly until they are fixed to my liking. Everyone complains about it, but they do what I want anyway, so how am I ever to learn any other way of working through confrontation?

    Threat alert: forum.

  21. You know, I thought blogs were supposed to empower the little guy and level the playing field so the MSM didn't have such an oppressive hegemony. Silly me!

  22. Turning it off NOW. How incredibly RUDE of WordPress to do this. Diverting a visitor to my blog elsewehere, and diverting them to who knows what.

    This makes me furious. Thank goodness it can be turned off!

  23. It really pisses me off i am want this feature, cant get it to work on my blog... and the people who hate it have it. grrr

  24. Even if it's enabled, it won't show up on all your posts. Which blog are we talking about here? The one linked to your name isn't a blog at all.

  25. Hi raincoaster! I clicked his name and at the site that loaded, chose to click on his blog link... where at the bottom of the page I found the WP link and it's to, not .com so is that the reason? Are new features offered up at .com also offered automatically over at .org or not?

  26. Oops. Spoke too soon. I see up top there's a link to a .com blog. I'm off to check out that one. I thought I didn't have the feature until someone else looked back on older posts and found that there were "possibly related" links on older posts at my blog. My newer posts were too specificly personal in nature to have related links show up on them. Maybe that's the problem for dlager? I'm going to see.

  27. At .org they have the Sphere plugin, which is configurable. It's designed by the same people who did Related Posts here. Lots of people here asked for the Sphere functionality, so its arrival isn't a surprise. But ... no, I've had my rant in this thread already.

    dlager's site loaded so slowly for me that I didn't spend any time poking around once I saw it wasn't Besides, I think s/he has more than one blog.

  28. I followed the instructions to Dashboeard, design, extras, and there is no "disable" box to turn the thing off. What to do?

  29. What is your blog URL? The actual tickbox says " Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way".

  30. >>>But rain.. think of the hits you'll be giving up. Those lovely, juicy hits... :-)

    If the only way someone can get hits is via this awful feature, that's a sad testament!

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