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    About a week ago I noticed that the Related post function that normally appears at the bottom of the “post page” is missing. I’ve also noticed that the suggested tags function is missing too. I’ve tried downloading plugin thingies but I’m totally lost now (can’t even find plugins)

    I miss it… :( Would you please help?

    The blog I need help with is



    I am having the same problem. Anyone know why this is happening?

    My blog is




    I believe you’re talking about Zemanta, which made recommendations for related posts, tags, and images. Support for Zemanta was removed January 4, 2014.

    Here’s the official forum notice about Zemanta.

    Zemanta is avaiable as a browser extension which you can download from

    Not sure you knew, but plugins can’t be installed on sites, only on self-hosted sites. The functionality of many popular plugins is included within the features of



    Well, that’s a real shame. It was a great help. Oh well….does your last sentence mean that the browser extension from Zemanta will not work either on

    Thank you for your response.



    Hi Amy,

    Sorry for the confusion. The Zemanta browser extension will work on



    Thank you. I just installed it, and it seems to work fine.

    Thanks again for your response. It was very helpful.


    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

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