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    For several months now my posts have not been showing possibly related posts, neither mine nor other WordPress posts. Under the Appearance/Extras section of my Dashboard the following has never been checked: “Hide related links on this blog, etc.” Some of my posts that once had many related posts, now have none.

    Is there something else I need to check for?

    I’ve read some of the other support posts about this topic, but I did not find a relevant answer except that the staff is working on improving this feature.

    The blog I need help with is



    This thread has been flagged for Staff attention. Though I know you are referring to possibly related posts as found under Extras, I wonder if your were aware of Zemanta.


    Thank you for the help. I was not familiar with the file you mentioned. If the staff does not have a way of fixing the WordPress feature, I will certainly try using Zemanta,

    — Rake



    I think you will like Zemanta. You can even configure it so that it only pulls posts from your own blog; of course, that way you’re excluded from the worldwide network of Zemanta users.

    It’s one of the few free services I am an unqualified fan of.


    Thanks for that feedback. It sounds like a good alternative if the WP feature does not work.

    — Frank



    You’re welcome from me. I hope you get an update from Staff on this soon.
    reference link > possibly related posts



    We’re currently working on this feature, so it may be intermittently unavailable.


    I’ve only been freeloading off WordPress and blogging here for seven years and obviously deserve the perfunctory and unhelpful response I received from the staff.



    Oh SNAP!

    Seriously, they’re always brusque. And if you look at your Global tags under your posts, you’ll see they’re no longer Global; staff are making big changes, so it’ll probably be a week or so till this is sorted, if history is any guide.


    Brusque??? Not the WordPress staff that I know. During the past seven years they’ve always cuddled up to me, whispered sweet nothings in my ear, made me feel like life was OK.

    Or, maybe I was just drunk at the time.

    — Rake



    What are you drinking? I think I need some of that.

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