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    I love the idea of having a list of related post and was delighted to see the additional tab on my menu bar.

    When I clicked I found that though some of the posts were interesting i couldnt find it completely related to what I was writing. Saw the announcement a shortwhile back and the update and went back to check the related posts again but there doesnt seem to be a change.

    Is it only me? Or would the fact that I have multiple blogs relate be the reason for this? I see a short list of tags against my name but do not find any of those tags in the posts listed below.

    Hoping to have it working soon.



    it’s related by tags as the posts i found in my related posts show.



    I’m fully aware that it is a beta version and has just been launched. this is just my feedback

    My tags: Ujwala, Art, Portrait, 2006, Photo Reference, Drawing, Pencil, Painting, Delhi

    these are the tags against my name but what i see is two posts with art included as a tag and another with delhi and a majority related to software and technology. I’ve put below tags from the first 4 post listed

    27 minutes ago by David Givoni. Tags: Web 2.0, AJAX, Me, ASP.NET, O/R Mapping,,

    14 minutes ago by butourprincess. Tags: Art, Gaming, Videogiochi

    23 minutes ago by barham. Tags: Software

    25 minutes ago by barham. Tags: Software

    i think that maybe it’s collecting tags from all the multiple blogs that i have and listing it in one.

    what would be ideal is when i’m in my art blog i see posts related only to tags from that blog.

    and if there could be weightage given to the tags so that the tag you may have used the most will pull up the most posts.

    just my thoughts.



    I hear what you’re saying and heartily agree with you. In my environmental/political blog I want to see only the 5 most recent directly related posts. In my personal/spiritual blog I want to see only the 5 most recent directly related posts.

    What I’m getting is a dog’s brakfast of unrelated posts that criss-cross and are duplicated on both of my blogs.

    So I’m back where I started asking the same question again: to whom do we direct our feedback on this please?

    Edit: I just noticed that this is now the second thread on this subject.

    If I continue to get a dog’s breakfast like I’m getting now this will become the least used button on my dashboard and the one I most want to see removed.



    sorry about the second post on the same subject timethief. shall be more careful next time :D as for that button i’m heading back to give it one more try :P

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