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Related Posts (under post) for ready yet?

  1. lovegodloveothers

    I've been watching since early summer and I've not seen anything come up yet. Does anyone know if the Related Post list under the post option is being worked on or coming soon or what? I know there are plugins for self-hosting people but I'm talking about blogs.



  2. lovegodloveothers

    And if so, will it be related posts within my own blog?

    Like this:

    See below each post.


  3. The last people to know what is planned or "in the works" for are the volunteers answering questions on this forum or the bloggers who are asking them. We get no notice regarding the introduction of new features.

    If you wish you can simply leave this post on the forum to be batted up and down for days on end so bloggers can post and share their opinions regarding what they "think" may or may not be going on.

    Alternatively, you can use the "support" button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page and ask your questions of those who actually are "in the know".

  4. Support hours are Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 4 PM.
    Hope this helps :)

  5. If you have the search box widget, it's a matter of sixty seconds to pull up some of your own related posts, then paste them in manually. That's what TT does and that's what I would do, if I weren't so lazy!

  6. Oh yeah, one more thing: I love the WP staff, but I sincerely believe that if we leave this up to them, it will be Related Posts from all of, not just the individual blog.

  7. Yes, it's true that I do post my own related posts from my own blog at the end of my new blog posts. And, yes it's true that it just takes a few moments to do so. However, after the category and tags fiasco (all categories and tags pointing to the global tag pages and none pointing to my own blog posts) and after the multple categories widgets that are all identical clones fiasco, I'm in the same league as raincoaster. I have removed most of my tags and I will be deleting them all. No thanks - I won't be asking for this "related posts" feature only to find that the related posts may be located on blogs other than my own.

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