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    You know, I thought blogs were supposed to empower the little guy and level the playing field so the MSM didn’t have such an oppressive hegemony. Silly me!



    Turning it off NOW. How incredibly RUDE of WordPress to do this. Diverting a visitor to my blog elsewehere, and diverting them to who knows what.

    This makes me furious. Thank goodness it can be turned off!



    It really pisses me off i am want this feature, cant get it to work on my blog… and the people who hate it have it. grrr



    Even if it’s enabled, it won’t show up on all your posts. Which blog are we talking about here? The one linked to your name isn’t a blog at all.



    Hi raincoaster! I clicked his name and at the site that loaded, chose to click on his blog link… where at the bottom of the page I found the WP link and it’s to, not .com so is that the reason? Are new features offered up at .com also offered automatically over at .org or not?



    Oops. Spoke too soon. I see up top there’s a link to a .com blog. I’m off to check out that one. I thought I didn’t have the feature until someone else looked back on older posts and found that there were “possibly related” links on older posts at my blog. My newer posts were too specificly personal in nature to have related links show up on them. Maybe that’s the problem for dlager? I’m going to see.



    At .org they have the Sphere plugin, which is configurable. It’s designed by the same people who did Related Posts here. Lots of people here asked for the Sphere functionality, so its arrival isn’t a surprise. But … no, I’ve had my rant in this thread already.

    dlager’s site loaded so slowly for me that I didn’t spend any time poking around once I saw it wasn’t Besides, I think s/he has more than one blog.



    I followed the instructions to Dashboeard, design, extras, and there is no “disable” box to turn the thing off. What to do?



    What is your blog URL? The actual tickbox says ” Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way”.



    >>>But rain.. think of the hits you’ll be giving up. Those lovely, juicy hits… :-)

    If the only way someone can get hits is via this awful feature, that’s a sad testament!


    Sometimes when one is just starting out, ANYTHING to get a hit can be useful. For example, I recently started what could quite possibly be the most important Blog ever written in the history of the World (wide web). So, if I get a hit from “Jesuslovessatan”, and that person uses her blackmagic to direct more traffic to my site, well, by golly, isn’t that a good thing?

    These guys are trying to generate traffic. And there is an option to turn it off. So it should make everybody happy. Maybe they should have “advertised” the option and given people the option to turn it on instead of it being on by default, but its not like they came storming into the house in the middle of the night to drag you away for expressing your opinions.

    Can’t we all just get along?



    I turned the Related Posts feature off today. I was worried that it might link my PG blog to a pornographic blog or vice versa.



    I have seen it happen at one of my friend’s blogs already. :-(


    Dear davidscubadiver: I can understand why you feel that “Sometimes when one is just starting out, ANYTHING to get a hit can be useful,” but some of us just want to run quiet little blogs that precipitate conversation. I enjoy corresponding with people from all over the world who think Torch Lake Township sounds like an appealing place to spend the weekend – or the rest of your life. I don’t have a whole lot of interest in accumulating hits from a site about breast augmentation, for example. It’s just not something I’m interested in – and the whole point of blogging is to engage in conversations you ARE interested in.



    @davidscubadiver – I can see where you’re coming from and I agree that hits from within the same domain can be a good thing. However, I can’t help but feel that the release of this functionality is a little premature. It really does smack of trying to get “googlejuice” from linking to other sites within

    Matt has already said in another thread that it will be possible in future to “fine-tune” the related posts to exclude inappropriate content. Why was this future functionality not developed before the PRP was released to the populous?

    Something I would also like to see (if not even prefer) is to have possibly related posts auto generated for my own blog. Ok, leave the PRP for other blogs there too, but have internal PRP too.



    cornell, I agree about the Googlejuice (it is exactly the kind of thing I would do myself if I had the power) but Tony said that they also deliberately link to “mainstream media sites” which presumably aren’t or he’d have said so. This bothers me. As does the fact that those VIP or MSM sites never, ever display similar “Possibly Related Links.” So, not only does it reinforce the power of the mainstream media vs the little guy (ie US!) but also, there is nothing whatsoever in it for us to promote those guys.

    Possibly Related Posts links within your own blog come with this already. They’re in bold, at the top of the list of links. But they’re uncommon.



    Raincoaster I am on the other side of the Continent and I go to bed early for work, so I missed your response.

    my blog:

    a blog on meditation and philosophical ramblings. This blog will never get a lot of hits, however, people interested in this subject matter would probably like to find related posts on other blogs.



    I really like the idea of this feature, but I would like to be able to control what posts are displayed to my visitors. Some of the “related” posts have been (IMHO) stupid and offensive. Maybe they could be “approved” before they show up? It shouldn’t have to be all or nothing.



    I like the idea of this feature and haven’t turned it off YET but due to the nature of my blog, Zionism and the State of Israel, I occasionally get links to racist sites. And there is no option to Report as Bigoted.



    Hi Matt,

    I wanted to put this comment on …but the post is closed for further comments.

    After reading Steve Farrell’s comment on that thread (May 3rd) I again opted for the Related Posts feature… its been 7 days now and I haven’t looked back. My blog had already reached a new peak a day before I opted for this feature… so I wouldn’t say it led to any unexpected surge in hits. I have always been for quality and relevance, but Steve Farrell’s comment opened new paradigms. Theres no fear of decreasing hits now (as I had commented earlier). And even if they do decrease then it would only push me to writing better.

    Moreover, what ultimately helped me shed all doubts was the question I asked myself… “who am I to decide what the visitor wants to read ?” Though I do admit the fact that Related Posts Feature is a high diversion point for visitors… but the fact remains I haven’t seen that happening through my stats !!

    And even if it does happen it wouldn’t worry me now, for it does say …’automatically generated’.


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