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Relative links to circumvent firewallof certain countries

  1. Just a request. Would it be possible to change the text so that the links are relative links rather than absolute links? Having the text be relative links rather than absolute links makes it much easier to set up a reverse proxy, which makes it much easier to circumvent the firewall blocks of certain countries which have blocked IP addresses.

    If the links are relative links, then it is a trivial matter to set up a reverse proxy on an unblocked address and change that address if that gets blocked. Since, there are absolute path names in wordpress code, this becomes much harder.

  2. I'm surprised none of our beloved geeks have responded to you. I can't help so I'm bumping this up on the forum borad.

  3. Why not just remove that portion of the URL?

    Also realize what may occur if those certain countries noticed that system admins were making these changes in an attempt to get around the blocking. Think they would ever allow access again?

  4. WP relies heavily on absoute paths so this would require some work. It's something to think about though.

  5. So ryan does that mean it's now officially on the wish list? ;)

  6. This would be a notable change to core WP, so it's an issue to discuss with the development community. Let's say it's on the list of interesting things to mull over and possibly someday implement. :-)

  7. check - *rhetorical question* will you be closing this thread then or do you want to continue forum discussion?

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