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    Hi all,

    I shall offer the dreaded disclaimer “I am new to WordPress” so you know what follows will probably be gibberish.

    I would like to post some mathematics activities and tag them with two types of tags:

    1. Level – easy, medium, hard, …
    2. Subject – angle, trigonometry, calculus, …

    Then when someone clicks on a tag, say “easy”, in the tag cloud I would like a list of all the posts that included the tag “easy”.

    Fantastic so far!

    What I would really like at this point is for the tag cloud to update so it only displays tags that are on the same posts as the tag “easy”, what I have called relative tags, but if they have another name please correct me. If the user now clicks on one of these relative tags, say “angle”, I would like the list to update, not to show all the posts tagged with “angle” but all the posts tagged with “easy” and “angle”.

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, Simon – I will offer the dreaded first line: We need a link to your blog to help.


    Hi (ella)², (a little maths joke!)

    You’ll find that the blog is almost empty at the moment, other than a few test articles. The description in my first post is what I intend to do.





    Even with my pitiful math I got the joke and it’s very cute!

    Okay – tags don’t work that way. The only way you could achieve that is to create another tag called “easy and angle” or some such, whatever you like, and that will, in turn, create a not just a new entry in the cloud but also a new archive page for you of easy and angle. You could then use that url in many ways outside the tag cloud.

    And now the other dreaded bit: Please consider linking your blog to your user name as outlined in the forum sticky called “8 Things to Know..” We almost always need the link and will ask for it.


    OK ellaella, I’ll have a look at the forum sticky. My tag system would be quite a lot more complicated that the example I gave so maybe I need to implement so sort of database.




    Or you might need a format more intended for CMS than a little blog with limited options in that regard.

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