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    Just relax guys and gals..
    There are a few problems at the moment.
    The WP guys are working on it and it’ll be fixed – just have a little patience…



    And remember – if they spend the time answering each and every question – then they cannot fix the problems.



    You’re right. But it’s so frustrating. Once again, the place is good and the tools provided (for free) absolutely terrific so when things go wrong, i get all the more so enraged. :)



    The problems so far appear to be:

    1) Logins get forgotten
    2) Stats page is wrong
    3) trackbacks on posts you write (to track/ping another site) don’t work
    4) Visiting the site – wipes out your login to your blog
    5) Feedback doesn’t work
    6) blog server goes down (probably due to loading when people try and update the stats page when it doesn’t look right – or hoping it’ll fix itself)

    If you’re having problems with logins – try clearing out your cookies, closing down the brower and trying again. You’ll have to login again (because you’ve wiped the cookie that remembered your login).

    Wait for donncha, Matt or another WP admin/moderator to post letting people know the state of play.

    If you’ve a bug not listed – add it to the list..



    I know – it’s a great site and a superb service.

    Things will go south now and then (just like when you drop your toast and it falls butter side down) – but brush off the fluff and it’s still just as tasty! :)



    That’s right! Matt and the gang are kicking it up a notch, so you can have more features, and more fun. BAM!

    Thanks for all the hard work on the latest additions, guys. New Widgets – oh yes we now can add Recent Posts to the sidebar on some themes. Many thanks to AND for such great, Free and OpenSource products!



    I’m having a few other problems that seem to have come about since the recent upgrade:
    7) When writing a post a “secure items” question keeps popping up, usually when trying to insert a URL or pic.
    8) Font size (for sidebar) and type (for posts on the front page prior to the upgrade) are out of kilter with the template (sidebar fonts are much bigger than before, post font is now Times New Roman)

    I’m really enjoying Word Press though (so much better than blogger!), just wanted to add these to the above list, as requested.



    9) Can’t delete links. Page doesn’t refresh after I click Delete and message at the bottom of the screen says “done, but with errors”



    Hi there

    My blog is looking beautiful! Thank you wordpress (and Binary Moon!)

    I’ve already posted on this below, but will add to your list if I may, that I

    10)can’t delete categories and posts from dashboard>manage>categories/posts – I get the message ‘You don’t have permission to do that’ (some others are experiencing the same problem.

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