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    I think all the users that are on wordpress, you guys should start thinking about releasing some of the old unused blog addresses. I have been searching for a lot of addresses, and they are all taken but no one ever posted anything on them. Quite a few are 6 + years old with no content or activity. Seems like you guys should remove these and put the addresses back up for people to use.


    The blog I need help with is



    The top level domain here is and all free hosted blogs are on sub-domains. sells domain mapping upgrades.

    If we wish we can purchase an annually renewable domain mapping upgrade. Then it does not matter what the underlying sub-domain URL we are mapping from to the new domain is. Our visitors will see the domain URLs and on the Admin side of our blog and we will see the underlying sub-domain URLs that we are mapping from to our new domain. No matter which sub-domain URLs are clicked anywhere on the interent there will be a seamless transfer to the same content under the new domain URLs.



    That being said please do be aware that what you propose is that snatches back unused blogs and that is not going to happen. Note that there is no requirement that compels anyone to use a blog they register. If the user wishes to leave their blog empty for a year or ten and then starts blogging then that’s their business and nonone else’s business.

    If the owner of the unused blog has comments open or has provided contact information on the blog we can contact them and ask to have them transfer the blog to our username account. If there is no contact information then we are at a standstill as does not violate privacy by releasing personal information.
    related link:


    Thanks for the reply. I can understand not removing unused blogs with content, but if a blog is 6+ years old with absolutely no content it seems like it is a waste of an address.

    So I guess you are saying that I should just snag as many addresses for blogs that I might someday want and sit on them? I know that people did this with domain names back when the internet was first getting started.

    Just curious.




    No that’s not what I am saying at all. I stated the facts above. sells domain mapping upgrades.

    Here’s another fact: blogs on subdomains or .blogspot subdomian lack the credibility that issues to blogs on their own domains.

    My blog have domain mapping upgrades and I advise all bloggers who are committed to blogging over the long term to purchase their own domains as soon as they make that commitment. In other words, from get go.


    @traditionalskills, here is another rub on the whole thing. If I sign up for a username and blog and my username is bloggity and my URL is, and I never use that blog, even if staff deleted it, staff would not let anyone else have it because it could create massive confusion with the other person still having the username bloggity.

    The URL, would always be tied to the username bloggity, even if it was deleted by staff.



    Thanks. That was a direct answer to my question and useful at the same time. I appreciate an appropriate answer to my question.



    Now I am off to create some more blogs.


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