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Released a demo of my game - looking for testers!

  1. starcraftadventures

    Hi! So I have been working on a text-based adventure game. What IS a text-based game? Basically you 'read' an interactive story where you can actually make decisions that affect how the story progresses.

    Now I have finally finished a demo of the game, and I am looking for people willing to play through the story. Criticise where neccesary and overall provide some feedback so I can improve the game!

    NB: It is a sci-fi story set in the StarCraft Universe. You do not need to know anything about 'StarCraft' to play the game, but it might be more fun if you do!

    The link to the demo:

    Thank you for your time! Ah now that I mention time, I believe that reading through the story will take +- 10 minutes of your time!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll give it a look!

  3. starcraftadventures


  4. starcraftadventures

    Some people have tested the game so far! I'm happy with the feedback I have received, they all seemed to really like the idea, add a bit more content and options here and there and it would have been perfect!

    "Goes back to work".

  5. starcraftadventures

    <bump> Still looking for testers!

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