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Releasing a Blog Name

  1. I registered a blog name that I didn't want, I didn't see that I had misspelled a word, and now I want to release this blog name so that someone else can use it. Is this possible? I tryed to google the answer but I couldn't find it. I know when you attempt to delete a blog it says that "this doesn't happen" but I was wondering if that meant it didn't happen when you delete a blog or it didn't happen ever.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It doesn't happen when you delete a blog, but yes, it's possible if you don't. Just set the only post on the blog so that it says "This blog is available" and use a contact form that links to your email or use an email obscurer (so spammers don't pick up the email) and put your email address in. There are some email obscurer programs listed at

  3. @costumecity
    If you delete a blog the URL is gone forever and cannot be recycled.

    If you wish to post an email address safely then this post contains several ways to do that found here I recommend posting a contact form on the blog instead.

    If you do get an email message via the contact form that another blogger would like to takeover over the blog then these are the instruction for the transfer. Note that Staff are required as the original Admin cannot be removed without their help.

    Hope this helps. :)

  4. Thanks everyone. I didn't think of asking if anyone wanted it. The address is pretty obscure because I mistyped it, but I will post some contact information anyway.

  5. @costumecity
    You're welcome. :)

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