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Religion Is For Idiots?

  1. Religion Is For Idiots?

    My 31st Blog Post!

    A look at Science, Religion, God and Beliefs.

    Do YOU think that Religion Is For Idiots?

    Do you think God is an easy way out?

    Does Science have it all or do you think Faith fills the gaps?

    Come Read, Comment & Vote!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I learned once upon a time....I always lost traffic my doing posts on religion or politics. Some people can pull it off...some cannot.

    I was a person that could not do such posts. I lost followers and traffic. I am just not good at writing about politics or religion, but hey perhaps you are?

  3. I was wrong. Your post is wonderful and well-written. Much better than I EVER could have written myself!

    Loved it!

  4. Thank you so much for the comment, i really appreciate it! :))) you are very kind! i know these topics can be very risky and potentially alienate people from your Blog, but I felt so strongly about it, that I had to risk it. So far, its done great for the blog stats! :))

  5. I found, blog what ever you feel strong about, my readers disagreed with some of them but i never lost any, because they know anything goes with me.

  6. That is a great outlook, I think you should only write about the things that interest you, that way, you know who likes your blog for what it really is, and you stay true to yourself and not for views. Thankfully I have both! :)))

  7. You might enjoy my showcase post about the horse race :)

  8. roughseasinthemed

    I'm not religious so I switch off to those sort of posts. People who are religious will read and vote. People who aren't will move on. Preaching to the converted is the phrase that springs to mind.

    LFBs comment was interesting as I often write about politics. Some of my posts are probably controversial, and shock horror, contain swearing. But as dp says, a regular readership knows what to expect, so unlikely to be put off. The issue is, will a post like that attract new viewers? And the answer is only if they are religious. But that's probably the readers you want anyway.

    Oddly I have been planning a post about religion and never got round to it. I guess it's too far down my priority list.

  9. thefullmusician

    Interesting! I don't think religion is for idiots. I admire people who think about the 'big questions' of life and recognize that there's more to life than meets the eye. But I do think religion is a bit flawed. I think every time you try to distill 'God'/the source/creation, whatever you want to call it, into an all-encompassing 'system', it becomes flawed. Once you start using words and rules to describe it, it loses something. So I don't fully subscribe to religion, philosophy, science OR new age stuff. There's always stuff I agree with in any philosophy, but also stuff I don't find to be true.
    If anyone's interested I touch on my own experiences with 'God' (though I dislike that word) in my blog!

  10. Hi your blog is great! Im new to blogging, and I was interested on how you gain readers?

  11. Roughseasinthemed-

    The post has attracted attention from non religous and religous people alike. Which I am really happy about, so thankfully it hasnt been 'preaching to the converted'. It has sparked dialogue. I think the one and only rule regarding Blogging is to write about what moves you. No matter the consequence. Thankfully this has led to new viewers, people who have agreed and disagreed, but followed due to them checking out my other content. As my blog is very varied. So it has been a success, thankfully! :)

  12. I look forward to reading your Blog 'thefullmusician' , thank you for the link! I find your comment intruiging, it is a view many have expressed. I can understand what you mean in a sense, that the rigidity can seem to detract from the greater message, its a point I want to explore in another blog at some point.

    Derek222- i just wrote from the heart, promoted via social media and blogs/sites, and let the rest develop. It took a few months but it worked. Good luck :))

  13. thefullmusician

    Thanks zuzu! I'm getting into your blog too. I definitely am not of the "all religions are stupid" viewpoint. I just get kind of strange about organizations. I have never found one that I agree with entirely. Maybe it has to do with your upbringing too; I was raised by a pretty free-thinking mum who never belonged to anything and just pursued her spirituality on her own. But then to people raised in a religion, religion must seem totally normal!

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