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Religious truth Here!!!!!!!!

  1. Take a look at some of my blogs and please comment. You will find the blogs educational as they are bible- based. If you seek religious truth you can find it within our blogs.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hi im konica, i cant get to your blog as you have not provided any link. please give the links so that i can have a look at your blog!

  3. plasticdaffodils

    Konica, you can get to people's blogs by clicking their username (in some cases bloggers haven't linked their name to their blog, but usually they are).

  4. Though I am interested in religious topics and posts, I hesitate to spend time at a blog that only posts a few times a year, with no new articles since last summer. I am a pretty casual blogger myself, and I still manage to knock out a piece every week or so. Are you serious about your mission?

  5. plasticdaffodils

    Mikey has a good point - why are you promoting a blog that hasn't had a new post for almost six months?

    Also, I thought the pen on the top of your header was a joint at first. Really threw me off.

  6. It's likely it's a bot.

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