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Relocating, Career Changing, or Creative Obsessed?- Read My Blog!

  1. myfashionslashlife

    Hello all

    I recently moved from London to Berlin and started my blog-

    The blog documents my move and highlights what it's been like for me to move to one of the cheapest (yay!) and most creative cities in Europe. It also has a strong fashion angle, as I am a fashion stylist, writer and PR professional. My blog also deals with the steps I've taken to enter the industry over here, including the hairy, scary moments I've encountered outside work.

    Please have a look and if you like it spread the word and my link.

    Also I have an 'Ask Biki' section, so feel free to email me all fashion, style or 'beginner/how to enter the industry' questions you may have. Before I entered the fashion industry, I worked as a lawyer and so I know a lot about 'transitioning'.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog is very interesting! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. myfashionslashlife

    Thank you for your comment, means a lot, having recently entered the blogosphere, I'm finding my way round in the jungle. I had a look at your blog too- very brave move- I only had the guts to write one post about 'the culprit of my woes' in Berlin, even though I have enough ammunition to write about X on an hourly basis, have a look when you have a mo.-

  4. Oh, yeah, that is rough for sure. The unexpected nature of the encounter, it always throws you for a loop. Sounds like you did well enough, though, at least on the outside. Which is sometimes half the battle, I think. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not sure if it counts as brave or not, but it's at least giving me something to do in the sad times.

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