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Remapping my domain name from one Word Press blog to another

  1. So I bought my domain name before I added my second blog. Which was dumb. I want the new domain name (which I bought here at WordPress -- -- to be associated with and not -- how can I move it? When I try to assign it at -- I'm told that "sorry this domain is already associated with ... whatever..." To which I think, duh, it's associated with my other blog! There's got to be a way to move it, right? Thanks for your help all.

  2. I think you need to contact staff during their normal operating hours for help on this one. I think they have to do the switch.

  3. Thanks I'll find out about that. It would seem like something that could be done through the control panel. Guess not.

  4. That's moved over for you :)

  5. Awesome. Thank you Key Master Mark!

  6. I think technically the upgrade applies on a per-blog basis, not on a per-name basis, so normally you'd need to buy another upgrade, the $10 one to switch it over. I think staff cut you a break here, and I'm glad they did. Honest mistake.

  7. mark, similar problem to @xtopher1974
    Could you change so that it's directed to
    That'd be great thanks

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