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'Remember me' checkbox problem (password)

  1. Hello,

    Lately I have been having this problem when I log in to and it is that I have to enter my username and password every time I login. When I close my Internet Explorer window and re-open it I have to re-enter my username and password.

    The problem started almost three days ago, and it is very annoying because I log in to my blog so many times during the day. Before that I used to check the 'remember me' checkbox and it would save my username and password, so when I type the URL I would be directly logged in.

    This problem is happening with only
    I am using Internet Explorer version 7.0

    Any help is really appreciated, thanks in advance :)

  2. I'm "glad" to see someone else has same problem I'm currently struggling with :) Infact this "automatic logoff" feature occurs also when posting a new article it seems. I can confirm that problem has started 2-3 days ago. I am also using Internet Explorer version 7.0

  3. me too....
    started 3 days ago??????

    I hope the site admins are aware of this and working on a fix..!

  4. Best bet would be send in a feedback and make sure that they're aware of the issue.

    Works fine for me in IE7 though.

  5. I have a similar problem with IE 6 at work. I just put it down to the cookie and have ignored as I'm not supposed to log in from work anyway.

    No problems in IE6 or FF at home. Refuse to upgrade to IE7.

  6. ? help anyone ?

  7. Dansindel

    Read Dr Mike's comment directly above in this thread.

  8. I did, Thanks... :)
    Also filled in the support/trouble ticket form the other day and have not heard from anyone as of yet...
    I am certain there is a laundry list of "to-do's"

    it's all good! :)

  9. Its happening to me too.
    or maybe, it was purposely made like that so that it can prevent hackers or other people to access your personal stuff easier?

    or.. it can really be a problem.

  10. Seems like there is no problem when using Firefox browser

  11. That's nice. These folks are using IE7 though, not firefox.

  12. yes IE7 is still acting up
    no biggie but it is nice not having to login in all the time.

  13. 100bloggingbabes

    I'm having the same problem with AOL but not Firefox. Not a huge issue, but I use the AOL for one of my blogs to help keep me unconfused since it's a separate account. I know WordPress always comes through, so I'm just adding my voice to let you know the problem is out here. Thanks!

  14. Doesn't AOL still use IE5 for it's browser?

  15. It's still happening for me in IE 6 too.

  16. 100bloggingbabes

    I'm trying to find which IE my AOL is using, but I'm having trouble figuring it out. Can't find it on the Help/About look-up. Sorry. But up until about a week ago, I had no problems using this AOL access to my blog. I seem to think this happened after I cleaned my cookies, but am not sure. All I know is that the Remember Me doesn't! (-; (I'm trying not to take it too personally.)

  17. 100bloggingbabes

    Oh... I just tried it on IE7 all on its own and it works fine.

  18. So glad I am not alone. It is frustrating, every time I have to log in, it's just a pain in the butt. I can't wait until they get it fixed! :)

    currently using IE7

  19. rhodeislandrock

    Using IE7 and it is happening to me as well.

  20. Moderators and fellow bloggers answering questions on the forum do not have backend access to blogs and cannot provide "technical" fixes. So hopefully you will be filling in feedbacks and sending them in to staff tomorrow. Also the possibility that exists is that the problem is not at the wordpress end of things.

  21. Any progress on this? I've sent feedback, got a non-commital "Seems to be limited to IE, sorry" response.

    Driving me nuts.

  22. I got the standard "We'll look into it" response. *sigh*

  23. I give that response because that is precisely what I am doing.

    Calm down.........

  24. Or maybe I should ignore those I don't have an absolutely instant answer for?

  25. Sorry, Mark. This particular problem is just more frustrating than most because I've seen several threads about it and several members who are having this problem. And of course, most of us think that "our" problem is more important than any other problem. Didn't mean to provide a snarky reply up there--you guys have awesome support and work incredibly hard to keep this the best free blogging platform I've seen.

  26. Same thing happening to me - everything fine until about, hey, three days ago! Running Win2K with IE6. Work is fine (WinXP, no idea what version of IE). Just home, where I post from.

    All purely anecdotal I know but I thought I might feel better getting it off my chest. I don't.

  27. So things were working just fine at home. Until I decided to clear my cookies. Now WP doesn't remember me on either computer.

  28. 100bloggingbabes

    That was what happened to me. I cleared my cookies on my AOL browser (which uses IE) and poof! I was no longer memorable. But Mozilla continues to work just fine.

  29. I'm not having a problem...yet...

  30. @chicablog
    That's good. It means you won't need to be posting into this thread because you don't have the problem or a solution for it.

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