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Remember the Murdered Israeli Olympians

  1. This year is the 40th anniversary of the terrorist attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. There have been calls for a 2 minute silence at the opening ceremony but this has been refused by the International Olympic Commitee. I wonder why? Who does it offend to remember the innocent whose only crime was to represent their country in sport, on the one occasion, every 4 years where nations are supposed to put aside their hatreds and compete against each other in a spirit of hope and redemption.
    Let us call on our representatives to hold a 2 minute silence. Canada is leading the way.

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  4. kevinfromcanada

    I agree with timethief. If there is to be a silence, it should be to one to consider the oppression of the Palestinians who have been victims not just for one day but for decades. And with yet more illlegal settlements planned, this oppression continues.

  5. Indeed the oppression does continue and the war mongering goes on and on and on and on, but let's not go on about it in this thread which is marked for closure by Staff.

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