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    Hello everyone,

    I run a website hosted on WordPress platform which shares different events happening across the globe like conferences, seminars etc. I want to add a feature on my website where the registered or even unregistered users on my website can bookmark any event for their later reference and set alerts for reminding about that event through email at a later date. E.g. an event listed is happening 6 months from now, and deadline for registration is 3 months from now, the user should be able to open this calendar/reminder feature, insert the details about this event there itself, and close it.. and forget about this event till the time he receives the email.

    I tried looking for some plugins, but couldnt find any. Google calendar plugin requires me to maintain my own calendar first and then users can add those particular events.

    Is there some solution to this?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you are talking about the site linked to your username hosted on, there is such feature available to users.

    The embeddable Google calendar has, as you pointed out, the option for people to copy these events to their own Google calendar and receive reminders.



    Sorry, forgot the link to the support doc


    Thanks Jennifer. I know about Google Calendar, but in Google Calendar, I have to manage the events myself first, which can be a little hectic task (which I am looking forward to do in case I dont find any other option).

    However, for my website, we are looking for a widget on the right panel, which is not linked to anything on our website, but is just there, users can open it, and enter whatever text they want in it, mention the date they want to be reminded on about that particular thing that they’ve entered, and that’s it.

    Is there some widget like that?

    Thanks a lot,



    Since that site is using the self-hosted software and not hosted here on, you’ll need to ask at We can’t help you here with ORG questions. Same-same but different. :)

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    Good luck!



    Oh dear, just realized I missed a very important word in my first reply. So in case anyone else is looking for the same info, my first reply should have read:

    If you are talking about the site linked to your username hosted on, there is NO such feature available to users.

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