Remote posting (text images) NO

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    I know that here are plenty of such topics here in this forum, but they don’t give me enough information.

    I have a smartphone with WiFi – I’m not always in range of HotSpot, and I don’t want to pay for every visit on Though, I’m in free internet zone frequently enough to send all the posts in one go.

    My idea is to have:
    – a java programme for mobile posting (with images), which provides offline storage of posts on your mobile and sends them all, only when you allow it to (e.g. when you are in free-internet zone).
    – e-mail address which I can e-mail my post to(one blog – one address). Then I can set my mobile e-mail client to send mail only in the range of WiFi

    what do you think about it? Is there maybe something already created?


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