remote publishing is missing?

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    I couldn’t make a posting by using remote publishing from OpenOffice Word Processor or Microsoft Word Office 2007. Once it was a tool under Dashboard > Settings > Writing which called Remote Publishing. But now it doesn’t exist anymore. Is there anyone could help me out with this mess? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    WordPress.COM has remote publishing enabled by default.

    I just posted to one of my test blogs from OpenOffice 3.something with the Sun Weblog Publisher extension installed. It took the post but “bonked” at me at the end of the process, but the post was uploaded complete.

    Office 2007 I don’t have (never will) so I cannot test that, but many are using it with wordpress.COM.



    I have the same problem with mahaindra. There is a message in a tiny window box says, “An Error occured when posting to weblog server. Check the server configuration and access permissions” at the end of the process. But the post wasn’t uploaded at all.

    My friend told me that he has also the same experience. I hope you could help me. Thanks.




    That’s also what had happened to me. “An Error occured when posting to weblog server. Check the server configuration and access permissions”

    Any suggestions thesacredpath?


    I just tried a post from Ecto to my test blog, and that one went through seamlessly. I’m not sure what is going on with the access permissions error – which was the same one I got, but my post went through.

    All I can do is shrug and suggest contacting staff at .




    Thanks a lot for your assistance and advice. I will do that. I hope linuxperience also do that too.

    Many thanks to both of you. I’m still looking for anyone who could help me while I’m sending an email to .


    One word of caution when using the Sun blog publishing plugin with OpenOffice is that in my text post (about 6 paragraphs) it produced 22 XHTML errors, which is NOT a good thing. It may be that there are some ways to reduce the errors with settings or something, but until I figure out how to send a post from it with zero errors, I certainly will not be using it.


    Yeah.., I think I should do that too…

    I wish you luck. Looking forward to hear from you asap… Thanks…

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