Removal of Slide Show Buttons

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    You know the ‘Slide’, ‘Make Your Own’ & ‘View All Images’ buttons from the slideshows?

    Is it possible to hide them?



    Are we talking about in this post? That’s the only slideshow I see right off and I’m not seeing those buttons in Netscape 7.2 or IE6. Do see a share button though.

    What you’re seeing is probably part of the viewer provided by the other site. They’re probably not removeable.

    Would like to see what you’re looking at though to make sure though.


    Ah, no that is my SlideShare show, an example of what I am talking about can be seen here:



    Those buttons are surrounded by a seperate div but they’re not named or anything. I was thinking if they were assigned a name, you could do a ‘display:none’ within CSS to get them to disappear. Can’t do that unless they have a name though…


    Ah, that’s a shame.

    I think I’ll remove the slideshow then, because those buttons make it look really cheap & unprofessional.

    Thanks for your help!

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