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    Hi! I purchased several upgrades for my blog including the CSS upgrade. I would like to remove “Blog at Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS)” at the bottom of the page. How can I do that with CSS? What is the code to do so. I’d really appreciate it.



    That sounds like a template thing rather than CSS. CSS allows you to customise the colour scheme, font choice etc….and apply that to the content it draws from the scripting. It does not change the content as such only the look of the content. You won’t be able to remove it, but you may be able to isolate it by giving it a class, and telling that class to be the same colour as your background, therefor hiding it. It will still be there though.

    I could be wrong about the abilities of the upgrades, this is from my knowledge of CSS.



    Please take a look at They removed it. When I wrote to WordPress Support I received a similar answer to yours. It said “Hi, The only way to do that is to purchase the CSS Edit upgrade and change the styling to hide the text” If this is so, where can I obtain the CSS code to do this. BTW, I am using the Kuprick theme.



    ‘They removed it’
    We don’t remove the author credits. The only way to do so is by styling the link to be invisible or removing the footer.

    We do not remove that link though – please do not ask for that to be done.



    I don’t know whether it’s allowed or not, as I am not familiar with the policies.

    However, once you can edit your CSS, all you have to do is to add this:

    #footer p {

    This is what the nvflyer site you pointed to is doing.



    It’s allowed – that isn’t the problem, and it can be done in different ways. But It can only be done using the upgrade. There is no other way.

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