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Remove "Archives" from sidebar of "Clear Home" theme

  1. I went to the Widgets page but I find nothing that helps me remove the existing "Archives" item from my sidebar.

    The widgets "do" allow me to insert an "archives" to the sidebar, but when I do that all of the other items in my sidebar disappear. When I delete the "archives" that I selected, the page returns to normal.

    Is the reason I can not remove the "archives" listing because I need to buy a premium package or is there an easier way. I would appreciate some guidance. I don't see anyway of finding the underlying code. If I could see the code, I could just delete the "archives" section myself.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. That "Archives" you're trying to remove is actually also a widget and is included by default on all blogs. Go to Appearance ->Widgets in your dashboard. If you expand the sidebar widget area you should see the following there: "Recent Posts", "Archives", "Categories", and "Blogroll". I'm basing this on what I see when I look at your blog. Drag the "Archives" widget out of the sidebar or expand it and click "Delete".

    If you don't see the "Archives" widget in the "Main Sidebar" area that might be a glitch, so let me know what you see there.

    We do not have access to the underlying code of sites, even for premium sites. You are only able to alter the appearance using CSS if you have the custom design upgrade.

  3. I went to Appearance, clicked on Widgets. On the left side there are two columns of widgets. On the right there are two rectangles one for Sidebar and one for Header. When I click on the down arrow to open either the Sidebar or the Header there is nothing inside and nothing to remove.

  4. That is strange. I'll tag this for staff to follow up. Please make sure you're subscribed to the thread and be patient while waiting for a reply.

  5. Soon after I sent my last message, my ability to edit my pages and my tool bar at the top of the page giving me access to my dashboard disappeared. Is this because WordPress is working on my problem. If not what happened.

  6. The edit and toolbars have returned. Thanks for that.

  7. We preferably should not keep posting here now that the thread has been tagged for staff as it moves this thread to the bottom of the queue. They'll reply here to let you know once they are working on your problem.

    What happened could be them, but it could also just be a hiccup in the system. Best is to wait for a response from a staff member.

  8. When you create a new blog, we automatically display certain widgets in your sidebar by default, including Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Archives, Categories and Meta. Adding a single new widget to the sidebar will remove the default widgets, but you can easily add them back as you wish.

    If you don't want any widgets to display, you can add an empty Text widget and that will turn them all off.

  9. Thanks Jackiedana for the info.

    I still have the problem of not having any of these default widgets showing up in my sidebar or header boxes. If they are not there, I can't remove. Hopefully, they will solve the issue and I can remove the "Archives" widget and add a "Search" widget instead.

  10. @jaholst

    As jackiedana said, if you add your own widgets then those should disappear. If you don't want any widgets to display you'll have to switch to a theme that has a single-column layout

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