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    How would I not show the author in 2011 theme?
    The bit at the bottom of the post that is after the category and tags, and on my blog says “by ThinkPurpose”

    The blog I need help with is


    It appears like you found your answer since I’m not seeing the about author section below the posts.


    Oops, I now see it. Sadly the theme authors did not give us any selector for the individual stuff in the metadata at the bottom of the posts, so you cannot get rid of just one part. It is all or nothing.



    thanks for the quick reply, how would i get rid of ALL the metadata at the bottom of the post then?


    This gets rid of everything on the single post page (where the author is shown) only.

    .single .entry-meta {
    display: none;

    This gets rid of the metadata on all post related pages.

    .entry-meta {
    display: none;


    great that’s what I wanted, thanks.
    one last thing though. What is the difference between a single post page and “all post related pages”?


    Single post page is what you get when you click on a post title or on a continue reading link.

    All post related pages would include the main page, categories, tags and archives pages as well.



    brilliant, thanks


    You are welcome.



    Sorry, one more thing!
    On my iPhone the author, category and tags are still showing, is there a way of removing them from a mobile view?


    Smartphones rely very heavily on cached pages and it could be that it is serving up a cached page. Go to Settings > Safari and clear the cache and then take another look.


    Are you using the “mobile” theme on your site? If so, the mobile theme is a separate thing and we cannot edit the CSS on it.



    Where can I switch off mobile theme, if it is an option? Am using 2011 theme.
    Thanks for all the answers by the way.


    Appearance > mobile.

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