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    Hi folks. Is there a way to hide the “Author” line on the annotum theme? I’ve switched to a different theme for my site, but I would prefer to make that work.

    I’ve set up a peer-reviewed journal, and I’m using to host it. It’s working great, except for this one issue….

    Is there a way to hide it using Custom CSS? I’ve got the paid upgrade.

    Any help is much appreciated!



    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, that was too complicated. I have re-enabled “Annotum” on my site:

    If anyone can find a way to remove “Author” on each individual post, I’d be most grateful.



    Try this:

    .sec-authors {
      display: none;


    Oh my god you’re my hero!

    That’s GREAT!

    You’re a life saver. I feel so dumb; normally I’m quite computer savvy, but I literally know nothing about CSS.

    Thanks so much!



    CSS is both fun and tricky like that. :) Sometimes it’s like a strange puzzle.



    designsimply, I have the same problem.
    Should I past this code in “article-admin.css”???


    incensus, this forum is a support forum for blogs which use the Custom Design upgrade, and the code should be posted in the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page.

    If you are not using, then I would recommend trying out the Custom CSS plugin to get a similar place to add CSS or create a child theme. If you are editing theme files directly (which I would advise against if you can avoid it at all), then you might try adding code to the bottom of the style.css file, although adding to any .css file that’s loaded by the theme will probably work as well.

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