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    I’m just starting a second blog and want to use the Koi theme. But is there a way to remove the author name from this theme – especially as it is the name from my original blog?

    Thanks for any advice.

    The blog I need help with is


    It might be something that is possible with the Custom Design upgrade, but it would depend on how the markup (XHTML) and the CSS is structured. In some themes the different bits of metadata have separate selectors and in some they do not.


    I just checked and in Koi, it is possible to hide the author in the post metadata.


    thesacredpath, thanks very much for investigating.
    Does that mean I would need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade, to be able to remove the name?
    Another option would be to change the name so that it is not the same one as on my original blog (landscapelover). I suspect there will be two or three of us blogging on this new site: is there some way I could I have those names displayed?
    Very grateful for any further suggestions.


    Yes you would need the custom design upgrade to hide the author name.

    To have different names, what you would have to do is create a new user account here (it would require a different email address) and then you could either transfer one of the blogs to that new user account and then log into them separately, or you could add the other user an admin on your current account and then log out an into whichever account you wanted to use.



    Thanks very much. I’ve created a new account and added it as an editor; then I’ll invite the others to join as authors. It’s a good solution!

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