Remove Avatar Pixel Border?

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    Is it possible to remove the pixel border around our Avatars or is is hard coded?

    The border ruins the “float effect” of the image if your blog has a white background and that kind of image border also semiotically suggests the image is clickable, but with Avatars it is not.

    Is there any way using perhaps the Custom CSS package to override the default pixel border and remove it?


    img.avatar { border: none; }

    in the future, you should post CSS questions to the CSS Customization forum. :)



    sunburntkamel IS ON FIRE TONIGHT!


    I’ve been trying to get rid of that border since I moved here on Oct. 27! Yay! It worked like a charm! Done! Over! I can rest now!

    I didn’t even know there was a CSS Customization forum! Now I know that too, thanks to you!

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