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Remove Avatars

  1. I'd like to remove avatars from comments, as they only appeared today [due to the Gravatar merge?] and look quite ugly.

    How would I go about removing them?

    Thanks. :)

  2. Yikes! Mine as well. I think it would be easier to try and style them, but if I don't figure it out, I will find a way to remove them and post here.


  3. Someone in an earlier thread suggested

    .avatars {

  4. Sorry, should be

    .avatar {

  5. Ugh, that is indeed vile. I'll have some serious work to do integrating them with that skin.
    In the meantime, you want

    li.comment img.avatar {display:none}

  6. Thanks wank for that since that theme is complex CSS and tougher to track down. I don't think I would have figured that out......


  7. This might work as an alternative for now Cat until Wank changes it the "correct" way:

    li.comment img.avatar {
            padding:10px 10px;

    Example would be here of this change.


  8. Nice one rosclarke, wank and Trent. Changed it to your way for now, Trent.

    At least it doesn't create and extra line now. :)

  9. You are quick cat! I changed the padding a bit to make it style better:

    padding:10px 10px;


  10. I just updated the skin here. My implementation is different in that the avatar is next to the author name and post-author avatars are hidden (they know it's you because of the stars, and I don't like the image overlapping the background).

    But pushing them over to the right is good too, if you don't want them to be that prominent. As is hiding them entirely. The nice thing about custom CSS is you have the freedom to choose.

  11. On the topic of this theme, anyone ever come across how the ads look in it or where they are placed? I am starting to get the odd "click out" that would suggest there are some ads showing on my older entries....


  12. This thread has links to a couple screenshots of .com blog with ads:

  13. I've never seen them in Sandbox -- I will have to go on one of my cookie-deleting expeditions -- but would assume they are hideous things with default blue links and borders.


    But that many ads is a bug, right? ;)

    I've seen them on another post as well, they're the standard thing, between title and post.

  15. Bug... feature... who knows? Sometimes they are the same thing. :-)

  16. I have yet to see any staff meber state unequivocably that the advertsiing layout I saw on wank's blog and your blog and others as well is a "bug" and express commitment to correct it. If someone can provide a link to such a statement please post it.

    I cannot fathom choosing to lock themeslves into any policy that would compel them to use a lesser "placements" than the excessive number what Google lays out but, maybe that's because I'm jaded.

    From what I can see Google owns us - Google is Big Brother. What surprises me is how many people will crawl into bed with them in exchange for pocket change.

  17. That is getting off topic of my question, so I would imagine this post is resolved for Cat ;)


  18. Indeed, resolved for me with thanks.

    Carry on. ;)

  19. @carocat
    Off topic:
    No carrying on now boys and girls - please! lol ;-D

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