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    Hey there,

    Like a lot of people here, i’m new to WordPress.

    I’m using At the top of my theme there is a black bar with the wordpress logo, my blog name, a follow blog, etc. Can i remove this?

    In the right sidebar there is something called Meta, which below that says site admin and log out.
    a) am i the only one who sees that? if not, how do i remove it?

    Maybe it’s just me, but it makes the blog feel less professional.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is



    a) The black bar at the top is called the admin bar, and you cannot remove it. It’s part of the system, every logged-in user sees it on all blogs, and it contains various useful tools for the user. In essence, when I’m logged-in and visit your blog, I see my admin bar, not yours. For example, if I select Stats from the W menu, I won’t see your stats, I’ll see mine.

    b) The Meta in your sidebar is visible to all visitors. When you activate a theme that has a sidebar, its sidebar contains a small default set of widgets. You remove them by adding the ones you prefer (in Appearance > Widgets).


    Ok, so it’s just part of the system. Then you can log in using your info. I can understand that then. Ok, I’ll start adding some widgets and more customization.

    Thanks for your help, it was much easier to understand than some of what i’ve read so far. Much appreciated!



    You’re welcome!

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