remove blog from “My Dashboards”?

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    I had a couple of blogs, and they are listed there. But I also have an offsite blog not hosted at all by, but by myself. I suspect it was put into the list because of either linked email address or use of the API key?

    Regardless, I deleted my offsite blog to start over in, but it’s still listed. How do I get it removed?



    You cannot remove it, and neither can staff and I’m not sure exactly why that is. There was some mention of working on a way for people to remove them, but no indication of when that would be.



    The ability to remove a blog from the dashboard is a necessity. The WordPress community depends on user-generated content, as such we should be enabled to delete the blogs we own just as the posts and pages we create.

    “Automattic give the power back to the people.”


    If the blog is here, you can delete it. The OP is talking about a blog that is self-hosted and using the blog stats plugin. Those blogs cannot be removed at this time from the blog list in the dashboard.

    If you want to delete any or all of your blogs hosted here at .com, delete away.



    I might drop a comment off on the stats plugin and maybe even try and ask Andy if I get the chance on this at some point! It isn’t the end of the world, but can be a pain when you have “many” domains :)


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