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remove blue border , keep active link for my image

  1. Theme: Neat
    I do have CSS upgrade.
    Is it possible to remove the blue border around my uploaded images without removing the link? I wish to use images and text combined to link to other pages.
    thank you :)

  2. Yes, it's quite possible.

  3. You'll need to examine the CSS code selectors for the theme you're using (they're all different) and then modify the appropriate code. If you don't know how to do that, check out the tutorials at the top of the forum.

  4. my site is
    my theme is Neat.

    I have tried sooooo many changes and the only time I can make the blue border disappear is when I change these colors in the style sheet to white (ffffff) at which point the the names of the pages in the side bar (navigation) become invisible too:

    a {

    a:hover {

    It leads me to believe that I need to insert a whole extra set of instructions to govern the border, since it seems it is now being governed by the color of the side bar text instructions.
    I'm really sorry if I'm being stupid, I don't really know much css at this point and my intention was to go in and just make changes to colors, but I cannot figure out where to make the changes.
    If anyone could tell me what I should add that would be so greatly appreciated :)
    I am learning CSS but the learning curve isn't keeping up with what I am trying to achieve!

  5. I don;t see a blue border around your images.

  6. The easiest way should be setting border none in your link.

  7. FYI for anyone else who needs this information.

    I figured it out somehow! I cut and paste into my style sheet from this site (which is recommended at the bottom of the wordpress 'edit css page' under design) :

    thanks for help :)

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