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Remove border

  1. Can someone please help me find a way to remove the little border arround my photos?:) i use the theme 2011 and have the custom design upgrade, but i dont know anything about CSS or if i can remove te borders at all.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In CSS, border=none. If there is a border around the image, then it will be easy to find the property and change the value to none. For additional information,

  3. This gets rid of the thin border when your mouse is not over a linked image.

    img[class*="align"], img[class*="wp-image-"], #content .gallery .gallery-icon img {
    border: none;

    This will get rid of the wider grey border that appears when you hover your mouse over a linked image.

    a:focus img[class*="align"], a:hover img[class*="align"], a:active img[class*="align"], a:focus img[class*="wp-image-"], a:hover img[class*="wp-image-"], a:active img[class*="wp-image-"], #content .gallery .gallery-icon a:focus img, #content .gallery .gallery-icon a:hover img, #content .gallery .gallery-icon a:active img {
    background: none;
  4. Thank you very much!

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