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Remove border from Publisher logo

  1. I am working with CSS on the Publisher theme. When I upload my personal logo, there is a gray border around this image. I thought maybe it was too small, but the border is there no matter what size the image is. In the Publisher templates and examples (see, it is much cleaner and there is no extra border between the logo image and background color. How do I remove the border?

    I also tried to upload my image as a header image rather than a logo, but only the top half of the header image shows up when I do that.

    What CSS scipt will fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I checked and I see that site is using a header image and not a logo.

    Can you try uploading a header image using Appearance > Customize > Header instead of using the Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Logo setting?

    Note that because of how the Publisher theme uses "background-size: cover" for the header, the image can naturally get cut off a little depending on the width of the browser window. You can see what I mean if you look at using different browser widths. Because of that, the Publisher header image will work best as a plain image using the built in settings in WordPress for the site title and tagline. Or if you want to put the text in the image like you have it setup now, then I think making the text in the image smaller so there's plenty of space around it would help.

    The recommended header image size for the Publisher theme is 1440 × 405 pixels.

  3. I just uploaded the image as a header, rather than a logo. When I keep the header at the default size, it scales properly on different browsers and devices. But when I alter the height to a different pixel amount, the header stops being responsive. I went to and her header is responsive AND she gets the full height of the image. I must be missing something here. I should be able to keep the header responsive and have the full height show.

    Also, my image is 210x1000 px but I tried an image that was 1440x405 px and it didn't make anything better.

  4. Hi there, here is a link to's header image, and as you will see comparing it to what shows on the site, the entire image is not visible.., you see only a portion of it.

    If you narrow your browser window way down (approaching small tablet/phone size, you will see that more of the image is visible.

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