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    On my page, Organization Services, I inserted a table in order to present information in 3 columns. I also added bullets, as it seemed to be the only way to create the indentation I was seeking. I would like to keep this indentation, but get rid of the bullets, if possible. One way I thought to do this, is to make the bullet color white – but I don’t know how to do that.

    Do you have any suggestions re: changing the bullet color, or removing bullets and configuring the indentation? Here is my current coding for first 2 columns:

    <table border=”0″ cellspacing=”1″ cellpadding=”1″>
    <td width=”210″ valign=”top”>

  • <span style=”color: #e05900;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Coaching</span></span>
  • <span style=”color: #e05900;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Interpersonal Relations</span></span>
  • <span style=”color: #e05900;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Strategy</span></span>
  • <li style=”padding-left: 10px;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Organization Assessment</span>
    <li style=”padding-left: 10px;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Strategic Planning</span>
    <td width=”170″ valign=”top”><span style=”color: #e05900;”> </span>

  • <span style=”color: #e05900;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Management</span></span>
  • <span style=”color: #e05900;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Communications</span></span>
  • <li style=”padding-left: 10px;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Outreach</span>
    <li style=”padding-left: 10px;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Marketing</span>
    <li style=”padding-left: 10px;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Social Marketing</span>
    <li style=”padding-left: 10px;”><span style=”color: #e05900;”>Website Development</span>

    The blog I need help with is



You can use: style=”list-style:none;” in your HTML tags.

Also you don’t need to specify the same styles in every single element. You can apply it to a containing element. “ul” for the “li” elements and “table” to set the colour change for the whole thing.



As haLLLuke says, you set the color once for the whole table: the table tag as well the tr and td tags accept “style”. One way to do your table (I wouldn’t have done it that way, but I’m trying to remain close to your idea):

<table style="color:#e05900;" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1">
<td width="210" valign="top">
Interpersonal Relations
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Organization Assessment</span>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Strategic Planning</span>
<td width="170" valign="top">
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Outreach</span>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Marketing</span>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Social Marketing</span>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Website Development</span>
<td width="206" valign="top">
<strong>Fund Development</strong>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Proposal Coordination</span>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Grant Writing</span>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Special Events</span>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Donor Cultivation</span>
<span style="padding-left:10px;">Engaged Philanthropy</span>


Thank you both! It looks so much better, and will do until I revise to something better in the future.

Not knowing html, I originally created the table in Word and then pasted in WordPress – visual. That was why there was so much coding. but I’m learning html just by trial and error. Thanks again!

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