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Remove Capitalization at Academica Theme

  1. I'm new at wordpress. I try myself on "academica theme" and I need to remove the "text-transform: uppercase" from everywhere (tags, categories, custom menus etc, headings left/middle/right sidebar, header (especially from the tagline and footer)).
    Does anyone know how this could be done? I would appreciate for your suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there!

    Indeed, the property you're looking for is "text-transform" and you can set it to "none" for the areas that you like. For example, if you'd like to remove the uppercase in the tag line, here's what you would use is Custom CSS:

    #site-description {
        text-transform: none;

    Hope that helps!

  3. It worked, thank you!

  4. Glad it did :) You're welcome!

  5. I have the same theme and am trying to make the tagline smaller that blog name, how do I just change the size of the tagline?

  6. Hi,

    the property you are looking for is "font-size" and you have to apply it on the tagline on your custom CSS file:

    <br /> #site-description {<br /> font-size: 12pt;<br /> }<br />

    The value can be changed according to your decision (11, 12, 13pt etc).

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