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    I’ve using ‘Ever After’ wedding theme to construct my blog. I don’t want to remove the theme title or wordpress title at the bottom of each page, but I’d just like to remove the caption just before it stating ‘another beautiful wedding theme’.
    Is this possible?
    Here’s the link to my page…..
    Hope you can help

    The blog I need help with is


    We’re experimenting with different strings of text there, and you’ve hit one of the tests. May I ask for specifics about why you don’t like the “another beautiful wedding theme” text?

    Anyone else, please chime in if you have opinions about the footer text. The more clear, specific feedback, the better.


    I really liked the layout of the blog and am constructing my blog about acupuncture. The capation ‘another beautiful wedding theme’ seems unrelated to my content, and that’s why I don’t like it.
    If I was using it for a wedding blog, I probably wouldn’t mind it.



    Chiming in:
    I think using an event-specific string would be a turn-off for anyone – like Rebecca – who would want to use that theme for a different purpose. It’s restricting the use case of that theme.
    I could see some users really loving having a tag like that, so maybe it should be a checkbox; a user can elect to keep “another beautiful wedding theme,” can change it to “a theme full of light and beauty and truth” (or whatever – something that isn’t tied to an event), or elect to turn it off.


    Chiming …

    The statement of the theme title and the blog at WordPress are credit lines. We are using someone else’s work and resources and in my opinion should acknowledge it. Their simplicity is elegant and versatile. No matter the tone of the blog, they don’t distract in any way. The “Another beautiful wedding theme” jarred me on some site I visited and I thought they hadn’t removed a comment like the slug line on the tagline. It was jarring and felt like kind of lame advertising.

    A user controlled tagline ( optional) as suggested byzandyring is not a bad idea.



    Continuation of my original chime:

    One of the things I’ve gained a huge appreciation for since helping out on the forum is how inventive WordPress users are, and how creative they are. The blogs that get created from these same templates are amazing and so varied. I’d never be able to think up half the uses that I see for the same theme! I’d advocate for fewer restrictions for universal use baked into templates.


    Thanks for the feedback! I’m passing it along to the rest of our team.



    I’m new to word press but it’s amazing to read the care and passion that people have responded with here.

    It would be great to hear the outcome from the rest of the team !


    The developers tend to stick to code rather than forums :) but feedback from other community volunteers would be fantastic.


    Chiming in: :-)

    I think the additional description is limiting and unnecessary.

    First, if the theme really is another beautiful wedding theme, it is redundant to say so. It reminds me of the political conventions, “The great and wonderful state of…” and then the next state says, “The BETTER and MORE wonderful state of…” and so on and so on.

    I want to see the theme title, and I want it to be linkable so I can find out more about the theme, and if it will work for me. Having PR about the theme in the theme name… no need for it.

    Second, as stated above, those not blogging about a wedding would be hesitant to use it – I sure wouldn’t. And even if my blog were about a wedding, I wouldn’t need it stated on the theme footer.

    Third, I know infinite scroll is the darling of WordPress, though not all bloggers agree. The more that is popping up and staying at the bottom of the screen, the more distracting and annoying it is. You want to woo me to infinite scroll, and entice me to see the error of my despising it, not reinforcing why I do. :-)


    Thanks @sensuousinkspiller. Feedback much appreciated. I do have a quick point to make about infinite scrolling, which is to say—it has come a long way and is continuing to get updates. We’ve been listening to all of the feedback and we are working on ways to address some of the criticisms we’ve heard from you guys about it. I’m positive it will be better when the next round of updates goes through. So please hang in there, keep and open mind about it, and keep the constructive, thoughtful feedback coming in!

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