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    I am using the “Selecta” Theme and I would like my site to look as close to the theme as the example. Can you tell me how to remove the “Categories” and to move the search bar to the top right?


    The blog I need help with is


    First off, take a look at the demo site for Selecta and also read through the theme page for Selecta.

    On the demo site, you will see three main sections on the front page. The top section is the featured post slider section. To get a post to show in the featured post slider, you have to set it as a sticky post. You have to activate the featured posts feature at appearance > theme options.

    The second section is your latest posts section which will highlight your 4 latest posts. You have to activate this feature at appearance > theme options. If you have a featured image set for your posts, the image will be used in the latest posts modules, otherwise it will just pull the beginning of the text into the bubble.

    The third section at the bottom is the main content area which will display your posts in the standard blog layout with the latest post at the top with older ones underneath that. Sadly this repeats the 4 shown in the latest posts section above. You will see the sidebar you see at top left on your site in the bottom main content area on the demo site.

    If you look at the demo site, you will see that once you get things configured like the demo site, there is going to be very little room for a search box at top right.

    What you are seeing in the sidebar of the main content area is a sample set of widgets the theme will display when you have not yet added any widgets. To get the categories widget to disappear, go to appearance > widgets and add the search widget, or whatever widget you wish to the sidebar and the sample set will disappear.



    As someone who just started using the Selecta Theme, one thing that confused me the most is that the sticky posts do not repeat in the main content area. Makes sense as it would be redundant; However, the latest posts area is redundant so I think the inconsistency threw me off. Until you add a few posts (sticky and unsticky) it doesn’t display like you think it should. Hope that makes sense!



    Thank you so much I am working on it but this all helps a lot! I wish i could get the posts themselves not to appear on the first page under everything but i think there is no choice


    You can hide things with CSS. Look at the html structure using the View → Source option in your browser and you can pick out what to hide.

    As an example, this would hide the entire dive with id=”main”:

    #main {
        display: none;

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