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Remove certain tags from tag cloud?

  1. pubertalgeografi

    Hi! In my tag cloud on my new blog there are a few tags which are doomed to become much much larger than the other ones, since they're more generic. One of them is used on almost (but not quite) every post. This is rather unhelpful for the visitors, since clicking these words (which are of course the biggest and supposedly most helpful ones in the cloud) will quite simply bring them to an equally unordered list of posts, only lacking some articles they may in fact be interested in. Quite simply, the tag cloud now gives a lot of attention to something that has little to no interest in itself.

    So, I want to block the handful of categories from the tag cloud. Can I do that? How?

  2. pubertalgeografi

    No one? :(

  3. Can't be done as far as I know. If you used Engtech's non-dynamic tag cloud generator you might be able to delete tags, but you can't do it in the widget at all because you can't get inside.

    I am, of course, assuming you're hosted here at; your username is not linked to a blog, so I can't tell. If you're not, you need to be asking somewhere else, as your answers will be different, probably

  4. They're here, they better not bump again after just 31 minutes as that's very very very rude and insults the volenteers here trying to help folks, and, no, not currently. It's been brought up before and we've suggested sending in a feedback and making this suggestion.

    Do note though that there is an option to limit the number of categories listed which probably cuts off from the bottom end but that won't work in this case as they're looking to get rid of the top most category.

    You could juct copy and paste the html code into a text widget and manually remove the link that you don't want. It's a pain but will give you your resolution. You would have to copy it every so often afterwards.

  5. @drmike:
    they bumped after 2 days, not 30 minutes

  6. Well maybe if staff would fix the outstanding issue with not being able to see the timestamp in IE6, I wouldn't have to dig through the source to see that. I mean it's only been a couple of months of complaining....

    Sorry about that.

  7. pubertalgeografi

    raincoaster: Okay! Yes I'm hosted at (drmike's link is correct). Too bad, I guess I'll have to stick with it until I get my own hosting (if I do at all). Editing the html manually each time I update sounds like a drag. I also assume that there is no way to insert css or javascript to hide the unwanted tags? Or I guess if I buy the css add on, but there doesn't really seem to be enough css hooks in the source to securely hide the correct tags permanently.

    drmike: I'm active on many other forums where support-like questions are common, so I know how irritating it can be when new people come and demand a very fast answer before anyone's really had time to even read the question. So I waited two days to make sure that bumping actually was somewhat motivated. I understand you missed the date stamp, no problem, easy to miss. :) Thanks for your suggestions though!

  8. Again, sorry about that. You can't see the timestamp of the first post in IE6. Been that way since the redesign of the forums.

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