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    Hi! The blog for which I need support is:
    I’m using the Garland theme and I’ve upgraded for editing CSS.

    Usually with other themes, once you de-activate the comments on a page they disappear completely, but with Garland there’s a phrase that appears in the bottom of each page saying “Comments Off”…

    MY QUESTION: is there a way to remove this phrase by editing CSS? if there is, could you please tell me how??

    I’ve found in the forums a similar question like mine, here’s the link:
    I’ve tried what “thesacredpath” suggests there but I haven’t found a way to hide this phrase, could you please help me with more detailed info specifically for removing it with CSS??

    And on the other hand, there are some pages in which I would like to receive comments, is there a way to do this? or in the case there’s a way to remove the “comments off” phrase, it would automatically remove every comment on all of the pages?…

    The blog I need help with is

    .meta {

    And that will remove it from ALL posts and pages. There is no way to do it selectively.


    Not via the CSS upgrade. But you can selectively mask the “Comments Off” tab by adding this after the actual content of the page (in the html editor, of course):

    <div style="height:0;position:relative;z-index:1;">
    <div style="padding-top:2em;line-height:1.4;background:#fff;width:100%;font-size:170%;">

    I don’t know if you’ve made changes in the CSS that might affect the numbers I’ve put – try the code and we’ll see. Also note that the code is unstable: turns into useless crap if you switch the editor to visual.



    Wow! you reply fast! Thanks a lot to both of you!

    Since I wanted to keep the comments on some pages I finally decided to add the content in the html editor of each page and it worked… thank you very very much!


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