Remove date-bar in CSS????

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    How can I remove the dark “bar” above my photos, with info about date and category?
    I dont like it, and hope someone know how to remove it from the CSS – I have tried, but can not figure it out.


    The blog I need help with is


    You mean remove the dark background only, or the info as well?



    I was thinking the dark background at first, but maybe it would look nice if it all were gone.
    Maybe you can help with both opportunities and then I can try it out?


    To remove the whole thing:

    .meta { display:none; }

    Removing the bg only requires changing the text color too; simplest solution:

    .meta, .meta a, .meta a:hover { color:#333; background-color:#fff; }

    Or you can set the colors for the linking text and the hover over separately, if you don’t want them all the same color.



    Thank you very much!!

    If I just want the date to show with no background – what then?



    I’m using the Bueno theme, which has a dark bar at the top of the page with the Search box in it. I made the dark bar disappear by setting the background color to transparent. My search box is still there. I’ve used that same technique to make a couple of other elements invisible as well.



    Okay, thank you.

    If I just want the date to show with no background – what then?


    @millovic, One thought I’ll offer you is that the Journalist 1.3 theme you are using is going to be discontinued shortly so spending a lot of time customizing it is going to be wasted.

    To get rid of the black background and change the font color so that it will show add the following to the end of your custom CSS.

    .meta a {color: #000000; }
    .meta {background-color: none; color: #000000; }

    Do remember though that at some point you are going to find your chosen theme is no longer available.

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