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    I would like to use wordpress more as a website than a blog, so I’m hoping to remove the date from the single post on my homepage. The URL is — it’s really just a test site that I’m using to learn about wordpress.

    On the same note, I’m hoping to be able to remove the line under the sticky referring to which category it’s under and pointing out that comments are off. Since I don’t plan to categorize OR allow comments, I’d rather remove that reference altogether.

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    The blog I need help with is


    Since the site is set to private, we cannot look at it.

    Whether the date can be removed or not without taking out a bunch of other things is entirely theme specific. In some theme it can be done, and in some hiding the date may also hide the author, tags, categories, and in some cases even the post title.

    If it is possible with the theme you are using then it would require CSS editing experience and the paid CSS upgrade.

    Before buying the upgrade, you can go to appearance > edit CSS and wordpress has provided a preview function where you can try out changes before you buy the upgrade.



    blog is protected and I can’t help you unless I see. Which theme are you using.



    Oh, sorry. I have been trying out different themes. Right now I’m leaning toward either Vigilance or Neat.

    What would be great to know is how you can tell within the CSS if it’s possible to remove the date and other information, and what the repercussions might be. I am probably going to purchase the CSS upgrade and set about learning how to manipulate it.

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    Vigilance: all metadata elements for posts are controlled separately in the CSS so you can hide any or all of them.

    With Neat, everything below the line at the bottom of the post, including the line, can be hidden. You will have to tweak a number of other things though so that the post below doesn’t run into the bottom of the post above.



    Thanks so much! At least I know it’s possible, so now it’s time to set about learning CSS. I appreciate your time.

    All best,


    You’re welcome.


    Hi again,

    I’ve purchased the CSS upgrade and am slowly learning HTML and CSS (well, catching on a bit, anyway). The blog I’m working on is I’m using the Neat theme.

    I have figured out how to hide the post metadata under that lower border line (the “comments off,” categories, etc.). I’m just not yet able to figure out how to hid the date of that post on the homepage. Is this the right place to ask for advice on how to do so?

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    normally you’d ask in the CSS customization part of the forum but if you add this, it should do,
    .post small{display:none;}



    Oh, that’s what that “small” line was! Thanks so much, and I will look for/in the CSS Customization forum now …



    you’re welcome =)

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